Fish Report

Fish Report

Catch Date Species Weight Length Bait Caught By Home Town
10/13/2013 Rianvow 5 Lbs 23" Worm Dean Sato Torance, CA
9/18/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 6lb 15oz unk Woolly Bugger Adrienne Payton Ruminy Springs, CA
9/17/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 7lbs 3oz unk Thomas Bouyant Lure Jerry Farris San Diego
9/17/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 5lbs unk Yellow Thomas Bouyant Carl Ashley Ventura, CA
9/14/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 3lbs 7oz unk Powerbait Whiney Los Angeles, CA
8/26/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 5lbs 10oz 22 inches Trolling Larry Alao Mammoth Lakes, CA
8/20/2013 Alpers Trout 3lbs 9oz unk trolling w/ sliver needlefish Chad Woods Gardnerville, NV
8/20/2013 Alpers Trout 2lbs 4oz unk trolling w/ black and silver needlefish Chad Woods Gardnerville, NV
7/27/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 3lbs 8oz 20 inches Rapala sliver/black Ralph Lederer Vacaville, CA
7/13/2013 Alpers Trout 3lbs 0oz unk Worm Jerry Farris San Diego, CA
6/15/2013 Alpers Rainbow Trout 3lbs 19.5 inches Garlic Power Bait Simon Timms San Luis Obispo, CA
5/31/2013 Rainbow 4lbs 8oz - Yellow Power Bait Richard Theetge Aliso Viejo, CA
5/31/2013 Rainbow 6lbs 8oz - Yellow Power Bait Richard Theetge Aliso Viejo, CA
5/30/2013 Rainbow 5lbs 4oz - Yellow Power Bait Richard Theetge Aliso Viejo, CA
5/26/2013 Rainbow 5lb - - Jim Annos Ridgecrest, CA
5/25/2013 Rainbow 3lbs - Power Bait Chris Rehfeldt Devore, CA
5/25/2013 Rainbow 5lbs 8oz - Power Bait Tim Rehfeldt Milpitas, CA
5/24/2013 Rainbow 4lbs 1oz - Power Bait Danny Cook -
5/24/2013 Rainbow 4lbs 10oz - Power Bait Dave Watanabe -
5/21/2013 Rainbow 4lbs 9oz - - Emma Watters Simi Valley, CA
5/20/2013 Rainbow 4lbs 6oz - Power Bait Martin Cymbal Anaheim, CA
5/19/2013 Rainbow 5lbs 2oz - - David Roya Los Angeles, CA
5/17/2013 Rainbow 4lbs 8oz - Power Bait Craig Matheny -
5/16/2013 Rainbow 5lbs 7oz unk Power Bait Daniel Schmidt Sonoma, CA
5/15/2013 Alpers Rainbow 4lbs 22" Mark Gentry Filmore, CA
5/14/2013 Alpers Rainbow 3lbs, 5oz 18.5" Samantha Guise Mammoth Lakes, CA
5/10/2013 Alpers Rainbow 2lbs, 12oz 18" Worms Dean Sato Torrance, CA
4/27/2013 Rainbow 4lbs, 14oz 23" Thomas Bouyant, Red & Gold Laurie Leonard
4/27/2013 Rainbow 4lbs, 4oz 22" Chartreuse Power Bait Dave Wallace
4/27/2013 Rainbow 3lbs, 12oz 20.5" Raianbow Power Bait Derek Allen
4/27/2013 Rainbow 4lbs, 4oz 22" Peach Salmon Eggs Adam Howard
4/27/2013 Rainbow 3lbs 20.5" Peach Salmon Eggs Adam Howard
4/27/2013 Rainbow 3lbs 19.5" Salmon Peach Power Bait Don Jones
4/27/2013 Rainbow 3lbs 18.5" Mouse Tail Bill Cebo
4/27/2013 Cutthroat 2lbs, 6oz 19" Chartreuse Power Bait Chris Anderson Valencia, CA

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